Weeping Trees

Pendula Youngii
A beautiful small weeping tree, the slender branches sweeping down from the silver trunk.

Hybrida Pendula
Branches weeping down close to the trunk, scarlet berries in abundance.
Sylvatica Pendula
Large weeping form of green beech.

Sylvatica Purpurea Pendula
Compact weeping form of the purple beech.
Red Jade
Delightful small specimen tree, pink blossom in spring. Followed by crimson fruits. Feathered.

Shidare Sakura
Stiff pendulous branches clothed in double pink blossom in early spring.

Subhirtella Pendula
Pale pink blossom covers the graceful drooping branches.

Subhirtella Pendula Rubra
Deep pink, slightly smaller in habit than above.

Yedoensis Perpendens
Starry pale pink flowers on long branches weeping to the ground.

Salicifolia Pendula
Dainty narrow silver-grey leaves. Willow-like habit with arching branches.

Caprea Pendula
Stiffly pendulous branches with ‘pussy’ catkins in early spring.

Vitellina Pendula
One of the most beautiful weeping trees. Requires plenty of space.

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